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Thursday, November 24, 2005

cover of X-Men Dangerous

The highly-anticipated (at least by me and G.) follow-up to X-Men: Dangerous lived up to my expectations. It deals with the aftermath of the "mutant cure", specifically in the life of Wing, a young flying mutant who was injected with the serum in the last volume. The Fantastic Four also make an appearance, and it was fun to see those characters interacting. But most important and fascinating is Whedon's notion of the Danger Room coming to life-- and what outcome might result from an Artificial Intelligence devoted entirely to violence.

Whedon's writing continues to be subtle and funny-- hinting at more than one traitor in the midst of the X-Men, highlighting the differences between the characters as they are fighting. I love the moment when, after long and involved monologues by a few other characters, Wolverine's one thought is "I really like beer."

Danger is a wonderful character and a great villain; a perfect enemy for the X-Men since she knows their weaknesses so intimately. The plot for her freedom is so carefully and perfectly thought out to take advantage of the X-Men's reactions. The interaction with Xavier is also fascinating with a hint of mystery. This is a character I hope we will get to see again, at some point.

Title:Astonishing X-Men Volume 2: Dangerous
Author:Joss Whedon
Date published:2005
Genre:Graphic Novel
Series:Astonishing X-Men
Number of pages:144


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