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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Many have seen the movie by the same name -- but the movie is only half of the book, so there are stories that weren't familiar to me. This is a frame story - with the twist that a character in the outer story gets to be part of the story in the inner story. Bastian Balthazar Bux is a young boy who seems to have nothing going for him -- except his deep love of books. One day he walks into a bookstore he's never been into before and a certain book (same as the title) draws him like a magnet -- so the book goes with him to school and influences his whole day.

Atreyu is a main character in the world Bastian reads about, so Bastian reads about his adventures. Bastian ends up in Atreyu's world, and ends up wanting to stay in the world. He almost does, and because his memories have slowly been fading from him, he almost is stuck. He has to find a reason that he wnats to go back -- and it is the human desire to love and be loved. All humans have that need and desire -- but sometimes it takes us a long time to recognize it and then admit it to ourselves, let alone others.

Each chapter begins with a letter of the alphabet – so there are 26 chapters, plus the prolog and epilog. There is a greater variety of characters than most people could come up with in a month, with interesting twists of some well known species. This is an enjoyable book with plenty of interesting characters and ideas to make you think if you let them. And of course, there are truths to be seen, if you have your eyes open.

Title:The Neverending Story
Author: Michael Ende
Date published:1997
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Number of pages: 445


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