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Saturday, December 03, 2005

cover of East of Eden

This book definitely fits into the epic category. A novel which takes place over many years and covers the full life span of one individual and all the people he interacts with along the way – but that central individual is not really the center of the action. Adam trask has a twin, named Charles (C & A), and they are always fighting for their father's love. Adam has it and doesn't really want it, and Charles desperately wants it but doesn't really have it. Much later on, Adam has two twins – Caleb and Aron (C & A again), who repeat that same struggle. There are characters in the book which are all shades of good and evil. Some have all of one and can't imagine the other, while others are mixtures and can't figure out how to live well in either category.

This a a good story, and keeps one interested. Not only do you read about the lives of the characters, but also the lives of America before and during World War I. There are chapters interspersed where Steinbeck poetically describes the state of the nation or of California. I enjoyed this book, and also enjoy that Steinbeck can't seem to get away from Biblical references in his books (I've only read two, but that is very true of both.)

Title:East of Eden
Author: John Steinbeck
Date published:1952
Genre:Historical Fiction
Number of pages: 602
Notes: Borrowed from Miriam


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