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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

cover of Life of the Beloved

A book with sweet truth from a man who has sought to live what he shares. Nouwen takes the image of communion – being taken, blessed, broken, and given – to share what the life of a Christian is all about – the life of the Beloved. To be taken or chosen by God and to live in that. To be blessed in all things, because all things can be used to draw us closer to God and to know Him better. To be broken because all of us are, and we need to know that we need the love of God to heal us – also, in our brokenness are we connected to God and others and able to see His strength. To be given to God completely and thus to others, because that is where the joy of life comes from. A simple book with deep truths.

Title:Life of the Beloved
Author:Henri Nouwen
Date published:1992
Number of pages: 149
Notes: Gift from Bill & Renee


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