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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

cover of A Wind in the Door

Charles Wallace, Meg, and Calvin get to be part of another adventure involving creatures who are very 'other' and not of this world. They go on journeys to very large places and very small places. But it is not so much the size that matters – many creatures can kythe, or communicate with each other silently, despite obvious differences. This kything is more of a communion than the talking that humans use. Wonderful ideas of communing, being part of the great song, knowing someone enough to love them as they are and thus name them.

Naming!! This concept continues to affect my view of life and the ways that I interact with people. Seeking to Name others is to call them to be truly themselves. When we are confident of who we are (especially in Christ), we can be more free to Name others without fear.

Title:A Wind in the Door
Author: Madeleine L'Engle
Date published:1973
Genre: Children's Fiction
Series: Time Quartet
Number of pages: 203
Notes: A repeat reading


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