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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Read in a few days and enjoyed Bryson's writing style. It is narrative, with him and his friend Katz walking the Appalachian Trail (parts of it, at least), but there is a nice mix of information as well. History about the areas they walk through and how the trail came into being, stories about things that have happened along the trail, facts about how the animal population has drastically changed in the last century, reflections and what it can mean to 'live without' and then to return to 'civilization.'

Bryson decides to walk the trail, and hopes that someone will walk with him, but nobody replies. Shortly before he is planning to start the first long leg, an old friend calls him up and asks if he can still come. They outfit themselves with all the necessary (and a bit of unnecessary as well :) gear, and prepare to start. Neither of them are particularly prepared for what is to come, though. Katz enjoys donuts and pancakes and big meals .. and walking everyday, all day is very hard work that neither of them are prepared for. But they get used to it, and at least Bryson even enjoys the process. They see some beautiful places, and some not so beautiful places; they meet some particularly memorable characters along the way; become rather good at setting up camp and living on snickers & raisins; and come back to 'the real world' with new eyes. An enjoyable read from a humorous author.

Title:A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail
Author: Bill Bryson
Date published:1998
Genre: Nonfiction, Nature
Number of pages: 274
Notes: borrowed from Diane


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