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Saturday, April 12, 2008

A fairly simple story with some good truth. The author becomes friends with a woman who is much older than her, named Nancy. They are both writers and find out that they both love road trips. Through travels together they become much closer, and Nancy often speaks into Mary's life. As with all good relationships, they both challenge and change one another over time. Nancy has had a pretty exciting life, and she loves getting to know people, and is able to relate with just about anybody .. little kids at church, college students, the mailman. Nancy teaches Mary three important truths over time: get your eyes off yourself, keep a positive attitude, pour your life into others. All very good things to learn .. and to keep being reminded of. A quick, positive read.

Title:Over Salad & Hot Bread
Author: Mary Jenson
Date published:2006
Genre: Nonfiction, Spiritual
Number of pages: 159
Notes: gift from Church of the Resurrection


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