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Friday, April 25, 2008

I saw the movie first, and wasn't sure what I thought about it .. but then my siblings enjoyed it so that helped me to be willing to watch it again. And it made more sense the second time through. The movie was rather confusing for me .. but the book made much more sense. There are a number of stories going on at the same time (they are very closely related, but still .. it's lots of characters to keep track of). Tristran Thorn ends up headed on an adventure to find a fallen star to bring back to the girl he loves .. but little does he know just how much adventure is ahead of him .. with three other sets of people wanting the same star for much darker purposes.

To get the star, Tristran must enter into Faerie .. where most people are not allowed to go. But he has some faerie blood in him and thus can enter. In Faerie, things are almost never what they seem. One man that is visible might have 4 or 5 ghostly companions (brothers who cannot rest until the next king is chosen). An innkeeper might actually be a witch in disguise. A barman might have once been a goat. A bird might actually be a person in a slightly different form. Along with the physical being quite changeable and not to be relied upon .. so are hearts and relationships changeable. Tristran longs for one thing .. but when it is finally within reach he realizes that his heart has long ago started wishing for something (someone) else. As Gaiman creates such a transitory and uncertain world, it can be hard to know what is true and what is illusion. But in the end the truth makes itself clear and things end up as they should :)

Author: Neil Gaiman
Date published:1999
Genre: Fantasy
Number of pages: 248
Notes: from danny & anita


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