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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Actually got to hear Dawn speak at Wheaton for special services one year, so that's fun. There are four sections - four main categories of how Dawn sees the Sabbath: ceasing, resting, embracing, and feasting. Many people know that to keep the Sabbath means to not work, but there is a fullness in the day that Dawn describes. Sabbath is meant to be a gift .. to the individual, to the family, to the Church, to the world. When people can rest, be refreshed, and be reminded of what truly matters and who we are in relation to God .. the world is a better place for it. And we are better people. If lived well, Sabbath can affect not simply one day a week -- but the entire way one views time, relationships, and the way one measures value.

Dawn describes Sabbath as .. ceasing to be controlled by the expectations of the world; ceasing to live in the belief that we actually have control over our lives; ceasing the monotony of day to day existence. Whe calls Christians to rest as well .. not simply to take a nap on Sunday, but to rest as whole people -- physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially. The third section focuses on embracing, because when we say 'no' to something (aka ceasing to worry and to accomplishing) we must say 'yes' to something else: aka God's upside-down values; time and people instead of space and all that must be done; being who God has called us to be instead of who others or the world expect us to be. Finally, Dawn challenges the reader to feast on the blessings of God, that this day might really be special. It might be listening to beautiful music, going for a long walk in nature, eating particularly enjoyable food, or taking the time to really spend the day with friends and enjoy each other. Dawn find theological, Biblical reasons for all her main points. This book was a challenge to me. I want to keep the Sabbath .. not simply to have a day off, but to have a day to focus on God and who He is, to live out my belief that He is in control and not me, to have a focus on the celebration of Sabbath instead of just seeing it as another day in the week.

Title:Keeping the Sabbath Wholly
Author: Marva Dawn
Date published:1989
Genre: Spiritual, Nonfiction
Number of pages: 213
Notes: borrowed from Diane


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