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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Written with two presents .. a boy, Johnny, growing up with his best friend, Owen Meany .. and Johnny as a teacher much later in life. The two times easily fade one into another, with events that strongly affected the near present slowly being revealed. Johnny was born to a wealthy family in small town, to a mother who won't reveal the father. She remarries a wonderful man, Dan Needham, who treats Johnny as a real person, and not just a nuisance. Johnny and his friend, Owen, travel through life together.. With Owen spending much time with Johnny and his mother, helping Johnny with his schoolwork, and sharing his strong opinions. They affect each other (as best friends typically do), with Owen helping to shape Johnny's future in a strong way.

Owen is a memorable character. He is short and has a voice that belongs only to him. It's sort of a shout, with no ability to speak quietly. Irving employs an enjoyable device, in that whenever Owen speaks (or writes) it is written in capitol letters, which continually conveys to the reader the power of his words and ideas. Whenever he talks people are forced to listen, and he is given to making pronouncements (which fit with his loud & obnoxious voice). Even though he is small, he has a strong presence, and is respected by many. When he is a young teenage, he has a vision of his tombstone -- and believes that he knows when he will die. Nobody believes him, but he continues to have dreams that make it more and more clear. People (namely Johnny & his cousin, Hester) try to stop him, but it cannot be done. How amazing, to be so sure of what one is called to and do be. Some people would try to run away, to stop it from happening, but Owen runs toward it despite what others want. And prepares those he loves for their futures .. helping them know how they are gifted and what they are called to do.

Title:A Prayer for Owen Meany
Author: John Irving
Date published:1989
Genre: Historical Fiction
Number of pages: 543


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