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Friday, November 30, 2007

cover of Grave Peril

This time around, Dresden is dealing with ghosts popping up everywhere. Someone is stirring them up, causing trouble, and the barrier to the spiritual world is thinner than usual. Then, there is some kind of nightmare demon that is destroying people in their sleep and coming after Harry with a vengeance. Eventually, Harry has to face off against vampires (three different kinds, one of them an uneasy ally) to figure out who is behind the ghostly disturbances. This book did not seem as well-written or edited as the previous books in the series, but it's still a pretty fun ride. I particularly liked the character of Michael-- he fights alongside Harry against evil, but he's a holy warrior with a sword that's some kind of relic. The part I like best is that Harry, with his wizard's sight, can see the visible aura of power surrounding Michael-- which is his faith.

Harry also has to keep dealing with a fairy godmother every time he goes to the Nevernever. She wants to make him a captive (like one of her trained bloodhounds) and take his power for her own, and she causes trouble for him-- but she also protects him, since she wants him for herself. And the times when she arrives and saves him it seems a little too convenient. Also, the ultimate answer to the mystery seemed a little too obvious (although it was fairly satisfying). When a book like this talks briefly about a case that happened recently, you know that someone or something from that case is going to be relevant to this one.

Title:Grave Peril
Author:Jim Butcher
Date published:2001
Genre:Contemporary Fantasy
Series:Dresden Files, book 3
Number of pages:378
Notes:borrowed from Garvey


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