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Sunday, November 11, 2007

My first novel in Romanian!! Took me a number of months, but the last ten chapters were less than a week .. because I started reading for gist instead of looking up every vocab word that I didn't know. I've read this book before in English a number of times, so was able to catch much of the story (and pick up grammar and vocabulary along the way!). This time, I noticed that when Aslan talks to the coach driver he talks about being familiar. That Frank somehow already knows Aslan, which I had never picked up on before. Already Lewis is starting to put in place the ideas which will become much clearer in the following books.

Uncle Andrew always has seemed quite a peculiar character to me. He is very proud, arrogant, and egocentric. Everything that happens is somehow related to him or connected to him. Which is funny, but also sad, because there are really people like that. The most enjoyable thing that happens to him (for the reader, at least!) is when the newly created, talking animals find him. They aren't sure what he is or how to treat him. Because of his disbelief, they cannot understand each other, and while they are trying to figure out what he is, they decide he must be a tree and therefore must be planted. So they dig a hole and put his legs in (lucky for him they decided this way and not the other!). They they find out that he is alive and try to feed him .. all things that would be wonderful food for themselves, so worms from the birds, honey from the bear, grass from some.. most of which he is not too happy about. I guess the imagery of choosing to live in darkness and thus living in darkness (and not being able to understand these wonderful talking animals at all) is carried out in our own times, in many places and ways.

Title:Nepotul Magicianului (aka The Magician's Nephew)
Author: C. S. Lewis
Date published:1955
Genre: Children's, Fantasy
Series: Chronicles of Narnia
Number of pages: 186
Notes: Repeat reading


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