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Sunday, November 11, 2007

cover of Fool Moon

The second book in the Dresden Files series features werewolves of every kind. There's a brutal murder and Murphy calls in Dresden to take a look; he notes the fact that it was done on the night of a full moon, and this one is a repeat of another about a month ago. At Murphy's request, Dresden does a report on all the different kinds of werewolves, how to recognize them, how to kill them-- werewolves, hexenwolves, lycanthropes, and loup-garou. And, of course, pretty soon Dresden runs into all of the different kinds of werewolves. Some of them are bad guys, some are good guys who are supposed to be bad guys, and the most vicious in wolf form is actually sort of the victim.

Eventually Dresden figures out that someone was trying to frame MacFinn, the last in a family cursed to be the dreaded loup-garou, the most vicious and destructive of the werewolves. They destroyed the mystical cage that MacFinn used to keep himself from wreaking havoc during the full moon, and then committed a few murders-- as wolves. Another piece of the puzzle is some corrupt FBI officials who have taken things into their own hands-- or rather, paws. Someone (a sinister, mysterious someone) gave them belts that allow them to transform into wolves, and they've been using this ability to do the dirty work of taking down known criminals that they can't get by legal means. But, of course, they are corrupted by the power and animality of the experience. In the final showdown, Dresden runs out of options and ends up using a stolen wolf-belt himself to fight off the attackers, and almost succumbs himself-- but, as always, he manages to prevail.

There are some interesting characters and great moments. Particularly interesting is the feral shape-shifter Tera, who loves MacFinn and is trying to rescue him from himself. Dresden determines fairly early on that she's not one of the bad guys, but he doesn't realize until the end that she's yet another kind of werewolf he hadn't included in his list-- a shapeshifter, but one whose natural, original shape is not human.

Title:Fool Moon
Author:Jim Butcher
Date published:2001
Genre:Contemporary Fantasy
Series:The Dresden Files
Number of pages:352
Notes:borrowed from Mike


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