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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

cover of Silver on the Tree

The fifth and final book of the series, with all the characters together at last. There are six .. Will & Bran & Simon & Jane & Barney & Gumerry .. who must complete the circle. This is the final battle between good and evil, and there are many pieces which must be in place for the battle to be won. They find themselves in wales again, and find the beautiful old lady (who is vital to the health and wholeness of the old ones), two take a trip to the lost land and four a trip to the past, and then a trip to a land that only partially exists. But with these characters (and John Rowlands, of course!) the journey is well worth following.

The battle is between good and evil, but there are humans involved, and always will be humans involved. Because the world belongs to humans, and not to Old Ones or their evil counterparts. The three Drew children are simply human, as in John Rowlands, but without them the battle would not be won. At the end there is a vital decision that must be made .. and the one to make it is a man, not an immortal being. A man who has a good heart and great strength, but is trusted by the Old Ones to choose well. And as humans, that is sometimes all we can do .. choose well. And step forward to the challenge even when we desperately want to run away. And after the battle is over .. what is there to do, but to choose to live each day well. A series I've read multiple times and will certainly revisit!

Title:Silver on the Tree
Author: Susan Cooper
Date published:1977
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Series: The Dark is Rising
Number of pages: 274
Notes: Repeat reading


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