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Thursday, June 07, 2007

This is written by another member of InnerChange, and was enjoyable to read. Hayden has been in Cambodia for a couple of years now, and has enough of the language that he could go and spend a month in a small village. This was a time of learning both culture and language, and understanding the history and place where his neighbors (in Phnom Penh) come from. The images and questions and ideas that Hayden shares gave a good glimpse of Cambodia.

One thing I appreciated is his honesty about some of the adjustments that were hard to make. The topics of bugs and food come up once in a while, but not overwhelmingly so. Things in this village move slowly, so Hayden has lots of downtime which he wasn't prepared for and isn't always sure what to do with. But that is something there can be lots of in villages .. time to sit and talk, to watch tv, to slowly make food, to watch neighbors walk by. Also, Hayden had a camera to document his time, and got to use it himself as well as let the neighborhood kids use it and enjoy it. He let them use it, but then also took the time to develop the photos and give them out so the kids (and their families) could see actual results and not just a picture on the back of the camera. In this journal, Hayden does a good job of making note of things that happened without making lots of judgments or comparisons, which feels healthy and wise.

Title:Cambodian Journal: 28 days
Author: Hayden Sewall
Date published:2006
Genre: Nonfiction
Number of pages: 159
Notes: Written by a fellow InnerChanger


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