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Thursday, June 21, 2007

cover of Greenwitch

The third of five, in which all the main characters are present .. Will Stanton, Great Uncle Merry, and the three children from the first book. This is the shortest book, but plenty happens. All of them are in Tresswick together (the same location as the first book), to recover the grail which was stolen and to get the lost treasure as well. While they are there, all the villagers are participating in the making of the greenwitch .. at least the women are. Only the women are allowed to go, and Jane is invited to be present even though she's an outsider. Jane watches them make the greenwitch of branches and vines and stones, and in the dawn right before the fisherman come to throw the greenwitch out to sea, Jane makes a wish as everyone is able to do. The wish she makes is "I wish you could be happy." (p31)

And this is the key of this particular adventure .. that Jane had the opportunity to make a wish for herself and she chooses to wish for the greenwitch and not herself. The greenwitch who is part of the deep magic and answers only to the queen of the deep sea and who finds the secret from before. Both the dark and the light try to force her to give them her secret .. but she won't do it. She chooses to give her secret to the one person who cared about her. Both the dark and the light are shown to be less powerful than the deep magic (which is released when the greenwitch becomes angry), but kindness and love (of a sort) are more powerful than any of them! What an intriguing message.

Author: Susan Cooper
Date published:1974
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Series: The Dark is Rising
Number of pages: 131
Notes: Repeat reading


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