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Sunday, April 30, 2006

cover of The Code of the Woosters

A beautiful farce! This book is about Bertie Wooster and Jeeves, who together make it through many mishaps. More true to say that Wooster makes it into the mishaps and Jeeves gets him out again. There are all sorts of humors -- plays on words, plots which interweave in wonderful ways, sarcasm, proper english attitudes taken a bit too far. Wodehouse is funny. Sometimes laugh outloud funny, which isn't all that common in books anymore.

Wooster is commissioned by his Aunt Dahlia to steal a cow-creamer for his uncle. Sir Bassett is always in competition with said uncle and got this cow-creamer, which the aunt needs so the uncle will write a big check for her. Bassett and Wooster already have a bad history, and it only gets worse as we go throughout the story. Bassett's daughter is marrying a friend of Woosters, and his niece is marrying another college friend. So -- Wooster (and Jeeves, of course!) get to make sure both marriages happen, the cow-creamer gets into the right hands, and nobody is sent to jail by the judge (Sir Bassett). Makes for some wonderful dialog and twists and turns along the way to a happy ending.

Title:The Code of the Woosters
Author: P. G. Wodehouse
Date published:1938
Genre: British Humor
Number of pages: 222


Anonymous said...

I love P.G. Wodehouse!! Some favorites -- "Summer Moonshine", "A Damsel in Distress". All in all ol' chap, it's a mighty fine read.

Pip pip and Tally ho!

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