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Sunday, April 16, 2006

cover of Reliving the Passion

A devotional reading for the Lenten season. Short sections (2-3 pages) with daily readings for Monday-Saturday throughout Lent, based on the events leading up to the Crucifixion using scripture from the Gospel of Mark. I found the readings interesting & often quite insightful. Wangerin's approach makes it easy to personalize the events leading up to the cross, to imagine yourself in the position of some of the characters around Christ, and to re-engage with the story, even if it is already quite familiar.

I was never that impressed with Wangerin's much-acclaimed Book of the Dun Cow, and haven't read much else of his work; of course the often-cited, (sometimes too often-read) short piece "Ragman" is quite good, but I've never been very moved by any of his other work enough to seek out more of his writing. So, I was pleasantly surprised by this devotional. It's thoughtful & easy to engage with; the entries are short enough that it isn't a huge commitment to read them (and if you should happen to fall behind in your reading, it's not impossible to catch up again-- not that I would know anything about that). Each entry starts with scripture, continues with some kind of meditation or approach to that part of the story, and ends with either a kind of prayer, or words from Christ to the reader.

Title:Reliving the Passion: Meditations on the Suffering, Death, and Resurrecditon of Jesus as Recorded in Mark
Author:Walter Wangerin Jr.
Date published:1992
Number of pages:156


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