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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

cover of Messenger

A third book that ties together the two worlds of The Giver and Gathering Blue. About Matty, who is now a young adult, living in the village created of many people who have been rejected and hurt by their own families and communities. Matty is the messenger for the leader (another well known character..), and gets to go through the forest to other communities. He helps them to all stay in touch. Something starts to go dreadfully wrong in this peaceful, gentle village -- and many people desire to shut off the village and not accept any more people. Matty makes a last trip to post signs and to save Kira, the Seer's daughter. The Seer has become a father for Matty, and these are his two dear children.

True names. The Leader is able to know people well and to give them true names, when they reach a certain age or maturity. The Seer cannot see, but he sees truth and lies more clearly than many with eyes. Another man is named Mentor, because he cares so well for children and teaches them with patience. This concept rings strongly of Christianity -- that as people know their Father or Leader better, their true identity or true name becomes clear. Some are meant to love children and teach them with amazing clarity. Some are meant to design buildings. Some are meant to bring laughter into our lives. All are meant to be in relationship with the Father.

Gifts. The Leader has the gift of seeing beyond, meaning that he can see into people, into the future sometimes, or through the forest to the other side. Kira has the gift of seeing the future. Sometimes her hands weave without her guidance to show a picture of what is to come. Gifts are meant to be used to bless other people. Matty also has a gift, but doesn't quite know what it is or how to use it or when to use it. Each human has been gifted with something, and we get to discover how why when where to use it and bless those around us.

The ending is beautiful. Made me cry. So beautifully, painfully true. Matty was created to give his life for those he loved, for the land he loved -- to take the evil from both. He does so lying spread-eagle in the mud wishing to die, and realizing that in dying he brings life. A beautiful, tangible picture of what Jesus did for this world on the cross. Bringing true life through His death. The Leader and Kira are there with him during and after this gift of life -- and they see him as he truly was. The Leader gives him his true name. Not Messenger, like he wanted, but instead -- Healer.

Author: Lois Lowry
Date published:2004
Genre: Adolescent fiction
Series: ??
Number of pages: 169


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