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Monday, May 01, 2006

cover of Catch Your Breath

Read this book during the contemplative current. Read it slowly, practicing the suggestions at the end of each chapter for a week or two -- because Sabbath is not just something that you read about, but something that must be done and practiced and set aside because if not it gets forgotten, ignored, and compartmentalized. I am glad to be part of an organization that makes a point to carve out time for Sabbath.

Sabbath as -- mindfulness, rest, refreshment, receptivity, release, refocusing. So often Sunday is just a day to do all the tasks there aren't time for during the week. But -- God meant it to be much more. We are called to take time to enjoy Him. To look forward and backward. To remember what God has done. To do different activities. To have a different pace of life. To let that one day affect all our other days. This book was a challenge to me, because I do not value Sabbath as much as I could or would like to. This is an area I can grow in and hope I continue to grow in. That my definition of rest, release, Sabbath (etc.) would become deeper.

Title:Catch Your Breath: God's Invitation to Sabbath Rest
Author:Don Postema
Date published:1997
Genre: Spiritual
Number of pages: 88
Notes: Read with LA team


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