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Friday, February 03, 2006

cover of Serenity

This comic book is a brief arc (published as three issues last fall), set between the end of Firefly (the TV series) and Serenity (the movie). The book collects all of the nine variant covers (one for each of the main characters), and adds a lovely introduction by Nathan Fillion, who is a comic book fan himself. The artwork is beautiful, the dialogue feels and sounds like a Firefly episode, and there are enough twists and insights to keep the story entertaining. We discover that Dobson isn't all that dead, and get to see that the men with "hands of blue" also have blue-covered chests, too. We also get to see Inara preparing to leave Serenity (and Mal postponing their arrival at her departure point), and see the moment when Book recognizes that he needs to leave Serenity as well.

This is a quick read; it' a bit too short to feel like a full episode of Firefly, but it's still a lot of fun, and I'll take my Firefly/Serenity in any form I can get it. The artwork is nice; it seems a little tricky to have to draw a comic book to look like the actors we know and love in these roles. Most of the time the drawn characters are convincing, but every now and then they look a little bit off-- I suspect this is because they don't look quite like I imagine the actors would at that moment, or with a particular facial expression. Still, there are some wondeful pages as well-- especially some great depictions of Serenity herself. I love that they also incorporated the Chinese dialogue into the comic book, and only wonder where I can find a site that translates it for me.

Title:Serenity: Those Left Behind
Author:Joss Whedon, Brett Matthews; artwork by Will Conrad
Date published:2006
Genre:Science Fiction / Graphic Novel
Number of pages:104


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