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Monday, February 27, 2006

cover of The Ragamuffin Gospel

This book has been on my to read list for quite a while -- and I'm glad that I finally got an opportunity to read it. Grace grace grace. Love love love. Manning understands that the Gospel is all about God choosing to love us and extend grace to us, that we cannot deserve or earn or repay. It is lopsided and sometimes we have a hard time accepting that. But that is all we have to do -- accept that we are loved and that our souls have been bought with the blood of Jesus Christ.

Manning challenges his readers to receive the amazing love of God, to live in such a way that expresses our confidence in that love. Like a little child, we are called to believe our Father and trust Him, even if it means acting in ways that don't make sense or following different rules than the world presents us with. Manning uses stories and historical ragamuffins (like St. Francis and Teresa of Avila) to connect as much as possible that this is a life worth living.

Title:The Ragamuffin Gospel
Author:Brennan Manning
Date published:1990
Number of pages: 235
Notes:borrowed from Miriam


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