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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

cover of Sam's Letters to Jennifer

Definitely not one of my favorite books. Once is enough. An engaging story for the most part, but nothing that stands out. Jennifer recently lost her husband and she gets a call saying her grandmother and best friend is in a coma. She rushes up to live in her grandmother's house and visit her and talk to her, and there is a series of letters written for her. So the story is Jennifer reading Sam's letters as her life continues and parallels the letters. Sort of.

Both Sam and Jennifer fall madly in love with a man they are not married to. And this love consumes much of their time and energy. Which is not for the best, in my opinion. Jennifer and Brendan spend the summer together and finally go to bed together. As the reader, you know it's coming a long way off. But it makes me angry that the assumption is if you love someone, you must have sex. That is false! Our society says that's okay and normal, but I don't believe that's true. I believe it is possible to love someone and decide to stay separate. Physical intimacy is not the only step that can be taken. There are other options, like waiting, like having a strong will, like asking God for strength.

If you want a book that's really not about much of anything, read this. It doesn't take too much time or thought, so can be enjoyable to get your mind off whatever's really bothering you. But -- if you want a good novel, pick something else. The end.

Title:Sam's Letters to Jennifer
Author:James Patterson
Date published:2004
Genre:Romance, Fiction
Number of pages:263
Notes: recommended by and borrowed from Rikki


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