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Thursday, December 08, 2005

cover of There's Always Enough

An autobiography about the amazing things that God is doing in Mozambique. These two people decided to give their lives to God, and to let Him do whatever He wanted in them. It means that they eventually got to go to Africa – specifically Mozambique, which was/is in some desperate straits. They are charismatic / pentacostal – meaning that they believe the Spirit works and does amazing things. The Bakers started to befriend those who had nothing and nobody to love them - and God met them and came generously upon those who they were getting to know and ministering to and teaching. This is a story of God's faithfulness – that He will always provide enough. He promises to be enough – and people experiencing flooding, famine, and real hunger wanted Jesus more than food, because that is what they all needed and longed for at the deepest level.

Amazing stories – orphans being healed in every sense of the word, seeing visions of Bible stories and heaven without ever hearing them, a few pastors who have prayed and seen the dead live again, people walking and traveling for days to get to their conferences because they spoke the Word of God in power and the Spirit came too, more than 5000 churches in a few years... Things like this can only happen because of God. Astonishing and encouraging.

Title:There's Always Enough: The Miraculous Move of God in Mozambique
Author: Heidi and Rolland Baker
Date published:2003
Genre:Christian Autobiography
Number of pages: 188
Notes: Borrowed from Julia


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