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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

cover of Rose is Rose in Loving Color

A delightful collection of full-color, full-size Sunday comics from the hilarious and heart-warming comic strip, "Rose is Rose." Brady depicts the adventures of a loving family-- Rose, Jimbo, their son Pasquale, and their cat Peekaboo, too. This is a world where imagination comes to life-- at any moment, Rose may turn into her alter ego, or Rose and Jimbo may revert to their child selves; at night, Pasquale explores the universe in his dream ship, and he is always protected by his guardian angel, who sometimes appears in child guise, and sometimes in full warrior mode.

The artwork is wonderful, and the colors are vibrant. Some of my favorite strips in this collection are the ones that begin in black and white and show color returning to the world-- the contrast makes the vitality and warmth of the colors even more clear. I laughed out loud several times reading through these. It is also delightful to see Brady's depiction of a healthy, happy family who love one another and provide ample space for exploration and imagination.

Title:Rose is Rose in Loving Color : A Collection of Sunday Rose is Rose Comics
Author:Pat Brady
Date published:1999
Series:Rose is Rose
Number of pages:128


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