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Sunday, September 16, 2007

A story about a young girl, Carrie, and her sister, Emma. Their father (who was a good man) died, and their mother remarried a man who is not so good. Really not good, actually. He drinks and is very abusive. These two sisters find good things in life, and continue to survive despite harsh conditions. Carrie has a book that is full of postcards of places to visit, and when she is very sad it is comforting to her .. the idea of going someplace else. Eventually, they decide to run away .. and life gets much worse after that for a while. Their mother should be a protector, but can protect neither herself or her children. Many ideas and events presented in this novel are sad, but there is some hope throughout.

They move to a new place because the step-father found a new job, and there is an old man, Mr. Wilson, who lives nearby. He also has not had a hard life, but he enjoys getting to know this young girl and her sister. He treats them like real people and takes time to teach them how to shoot. Since they live in a fairly rural area, this is somewhat common. Mr. Wilson is a sharp contrast to the stepfather .. he doesn't let things slide by, but he actually cares about Carrie and her sister. In the last few chapters, there is a twist that changes the whole story. It is well done, in that I wasn't expecting it .. but also very sad. A very psychological book, although perhaps one doesn't realize how much so until the end.

Title:Me & Emma
Author: Elizabeth Flock
Date published:2004
Genre: Fiction
Number of pages: 298


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