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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Saw this book when I was in the Mary Stewart section of the library, and was intrigued enough to check it out and read them. I was mildly surprised (although maybe I shouldn't have been, since Stewart's writing is generally pretty tight, careful and well-crafted) to find myself enjoying them. For the most part, they are fairly formal and make use of rhyme schemes, although not all of them. There's one about a petrel that reminded me very strongly of Hopkin's sprung rhythm, particularly his poem "The Kingfisher."

There were also several mythological poems (none of them particularly struck me), and the book ends with her Merlin poems which I guess were originally published in her Hollow Hills series.

(The copy I read is a hard-bound library book with no cover; I looked all the usual places online and couldn't find a single book cover image for this book.)

Title:Frost on the Window
Author:Mary Stewart
Date published:1990
Number of pages:110


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