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Friday, September 28, 2007

cover of The Irresistible Revolution

This man came to speak at my college while I was a student there, and incited a number of dialogues and questions. He's good at that, I think .. stirring up the way people are living in such a way that they have to ask questions and wonder and perhaps even change the way they are living. Which seems to me to be a very good thing. Claiborne's main premise is that many Christians don't actually live as followers of Christ. We may go to church and do good things periodically, but we don't actually do the things that we read about in the Bible. If Christ's words (and other words and ideas in the Bible too, of course) were taken seriously, our lives would have to change radically.

Claiborne's main ideas are conveyed through stories, most of which he has lived through himself. He spent some time in India working with Mother Teresa and getting to know some lepers. He has experienced a variety of churches and ways of doing Christianity. He lives in Philadelphia with a number of other Christ-followers, seeking to live out what it means to be a community and care for their community. He makes many of his own clothes (if not all?), doesn't settle for easy answers, and likes playing with the kids on his street. Claiborne has things to say, and is worth listening to .. not simply because they are good things, but because he is seeking to live what he talks about. To be a radical for Jesus not because it's cool or because he has to, but because it is simply what all those who follow Christ are called to.

Title:The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical
Author: Shane Claiborne
Date published:2006
Genre: Spiritual, Nonfiction
Number of pages: 358
Notes: borrowed from Diane


Anonymous said...

Hey if you're a fan of Shane Claiborne and his book, then you should really check out the Another World is Possible DVD series. It's a multimedia project by Shane Claiborne and Jamie Moffett (co-founders of the Simple Way) that emerged in response to their belief that things are not right in the world, and that they don't have to stay that way. There are three DVD's, one on war, one on poverty, and one on creation. You can find out more about them at

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