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Monday, May 14, 2007

cover of True Believers

Kind of a reboot of the "Runaways" series. Their villainous parents are dead, and the runaways have escaped from their various foster situations and found a new home base (an old parental lair under the La Brea tar pits museum). Their parents used to keep tight control on the crime in L.A. (they had the monopoly), but with their death new villains are moving in-- so the kids are doing their part to try to keep it under control. One of the subplots is a group of former teenage superheroes (now forming a recovery-type organization) are trying to catch the runaways to keep them out of this life that's not for children. There's also a new, interesting kid thrown into the mix.

Future Gert shows up, and before she dies she warns them about a future supervillian who will/has destroyed the Avengers and all the main heroes-- and he's a kid in L.A. now. They take off to find Victor Mancha, and when they do his power starts manifesting and he learns that his father wasn't dead like he thought, but is actually (what else) a supervillain. Eventually, there's a big showdown and they figure out Vic was actually built (but given memories to think he was normal) by the evil robot Ultron. The Runaways hold their own in the fight-- which makes you wonder, are they really that much more talented and clever than any of the other heroes around (young or otherwise), or if there's something else going on.

The group of former teen-heroes and their group ("Excelsior") is pretty funny, and would probably be even more so if I was more familiar with the characters.

Also some hints of mysterious villains-- either new ones, or maybe the Pride is not as dead as we thought they were.

Title:Runaways Volume 4: True Believers
Author:Brian K. Vaughan
Date published:2006
Genre:Young Adult Graphic Novel
Number of pages:144


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