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Thursday, May 17, 2007

cover of Escape to New York

The return of Cloak & Dagger! Dagger has been badly injured by someone who looks an awful lot like Cloak, and she's lying in the hospital in a coma. Something jogs Dagger's memory, and he remembers the runaways (the Pride wiped Cloak & Dagger's memories before so they wouldn't send Captain America or someone like that to interfere). He brings them to New York to help investigate and clear his name, since no one else believes he's innocence.

The escapes in NY are pretty entertaining. Gert's dinosaur gets turned into a terrier so she'll be less conspicuous; the kids have run-ins with folks like Spider-man and Wolverine (Molly's apparently stronger than he is). They track down the dealers of a drug that temporarily gives the user superpowers, and then figure out that Dagger's got a stalker who works at the hospital, and they get there in time to clean things up.

Karolina leaves for some interstellar adventures early on in this volume (hope we get to hear more about that), but before she does the fact that she's a lesbian is made very clear. She seems to feel like more of a weirdo and an outcast over that than the fact that she's an actual outer-space alien.

Title:Runaways Volume 5: Escape to New York
Author:Brian K. Vaughan
Date published:2006
Genre:Young Adult Graphic Novel
Number of pages:144


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