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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Another book in the Time Quartet, telling a story of the Murray family. The other three center mainly around Meg & Charles Wallace, so to have this one be about the twins, Sandy and Dennis, is a bit surprising. The last time I read it, I didn't enjoy it all that much -- it's still not my favorite, but it was worth reading again. Sandy and Dennis, the 'normal ones' in their brilliant, eccentric family accidentally go into the lab and mess with their father's experiment. Living in Maine in winter, they type in that they want to go someplace warm and sparsely populated -- and the program delivers. But it's not exactly what they were looking for.

L'Engle has taken this book as an opportunity to explore the time of Noah. With nephilim and seraphim on the earth, people who are smaller and live ages longer, desert, and some people with clarity to hear the ancient songs well. These two twins are blessed to be introduced to one of the families on the oasis which is full of kind people -- although they have interactions with many who are less kind. The twins are tall for their age, but in comparison to the people of the time they are sent back to -- they are giants. But giants without wings or special powers, as opposed to the nephilim and seraphim. Interesting to imagine and read about what these angels might have looked like and acted like and been.

The twins have a part to play in bringing peace to the families. One stays with Noah's father, Lamech, and the other with Noah and his large family. Lamech and Noah have had a disagreement and will not speak to one another -- but through conversations with the twins and God speaking, they both set aside their pride and come together. What a joy to see that happen -- because so often it does not. Even though the twins (and those who hear God speak) know the flood is coming, being able to see and help bring peace is beautiful. No matter what tomorrow may hold, there is space for living well in today. For choosing wisely and encouraging others to live wisely. For living in today and trusting God to take care of tomorrow.

Title:Many Waters
Author: Madeleine L'Engle
Date published:1986
Genre: Young Adult, Fiction
Series: Time Quartet
Number of pages: 310
Notes: Repeat reading


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