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Saturday, October 08, 2005

A book for teens by a woman who isn't afraid to acknowledge that life isn't always easy. The main character, Bullet, was created to run - and does so throughout the book as a way to deal with life.

Running comes naturally to Bullet, but he also works hard to make himself better. Not for the purpose of winning, but to feel how his body can work well and for the pleasure it brings him to conquer his body. His father isn't a father and has nothing but pain and mistrust to bring into his son's life. There are very few characters – Bullet, his family, one main runner from school, one friend he works with – and that's about it.

Interesting that a book can be 281 pages and get the reader interested enough in the story of one person and their story alone, mainly. A well-written book worth reading and digesting. Bullet is confident and makes his own decisions and takes responsibility for himself, something which few people do today – refreshing to read that it is possible, though not easy.

Title:The Runner
Author: Cynthia Voigt
Date published:1994
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Number of pages: 281 pages


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