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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Keely, a fourth grader, has always gone along with one of her friends who is bossy and commanding. But one day, she has a reason good enough to stand up to her. It's a classmate Anya, who might be wearing a wig, and might be dying of cancer.

This book deals with questions like 'what is shame?' 'who decides what is acceptable or beautiful?' 'can death take many forms and affect different parts of us?' 'what does it mean to be a friend?' Worthwhile questions while dealing with an issue that some children and adults have to deal with in reality. Addresses a specific experience, so allows the characters and readers to ask universal questions. Also gives an opportunity to redefine courage and strength. This is a quick read, but worth a bit of time.
Title:Because of Anya
Author:Margaret Peterson Haddix
Date published:2002
Number of pages:114 pages
Notes:Read in less than an hour at the downtown library


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