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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A well written quick read. This book picks up after the fair tales end, and it's not 'happily ever after.' Ella is engaged to a prince who can't make decisions on his own, has no emotions, vacant eyes, and a handsome face. She has a whole lot to learn about proper etiquette and other such things that princesses are expected to know.

Ella ends up being introduced to a young man about her age, named Jed, who doesn't agree with the way things are in the palace or the kingdom, so they get along fine. She also meets a young girl, named Mary, who is a servant at the castle and takes time to listen to Ella and treat her like a real person and tell her the truth. Ella decides to call off the wedding, and that changes all sorts of things. One good question this book asks is 'what does love look like and feel like?' Since the book begins by saying that 'happily ever after' doesn't necessarily mean true love, Haddix can give a contrast of what love is not. Good questions without easy answers. And that's always good.

Title:Just Ella
Author:Margaret Peterson Haddix
Date published:2001
Number of pages:185 pages


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