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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

An Italian catholic activist is called by God to go to the desert. He joins a group called the "Little Brothers of Jesus" in north Africa and some of his thoughts and stories are collected in this book. Life is greatly simplified by his move .. with more time for prayer, for silence, for listening, for slowly traveling from one place to another, for preparing dinner over a small fire under the stars. A life which is simple .. and yet so complex. God has much to say to this man and to question about the way he had been living and what is important in life. Accomplishment, action, power, are all brought into question. Carretto was an activist and did much for God, but once God called Him to the desert it became much more about loving God and being a living example of what it looks like to love God and live the Gospel.

One of the main topics Carretto discusses is that of prayer. Learning to pray in the desert. Prayer as relationship with God. Understanding that it is God who wants us to pray, who gives us energy to pray, who blesses us as we spend time with Him. Acknowledging that as we grow closer to God, sometimes we need words much less than we just need to be present. Prayer as an exercise of love to our good Father. Challenging to read, but also very encouraging. Somehow it's nice to hear that someone who spent years in the desert seeking to love God and love those around him well still has much to learn.

Title:Letters from the Desert
Author: Carlo Carretto
Date published:1972
Genre: Spiritual
Number of pages: 132
Notes: borrowed from Diane


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