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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

cover of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume 2

This volume starts out in a red desert with people speaking a language with foreign characters-- I thought maybe it was Arabic, but it turns out they're on Mars, in the middle of a battle that is a prelude to an invasion of Earth. The Martian tripods crash to Earth, and the League is summoned to deal with them. The invisible man turns traitor (decides the invaders have better odds, especially with his help), and Mina and Allan Quartermain are sent to retrieve a weapon from Dr. Moreau (no longer on an island, but still conducting experiments). In a twist on the original, the invaders are destroyed not by the common cold but by an biologically engineered virus.

Some interesting things along the way-- I particularly like the discovery of a certain kind of rapport or sympathy between Mina and Hyde. He thinks she doesn't fear him; she admits that she does, but she has seen something more fearful and terrible than him (it's never spoken, but of course she must mean Dracula).

This volume includes a couple of sexual encounters that I thought were unnecessary and a little too graphic for my taste (one of them rather violent). I don't think I enjoyed this one as much as the first volume-- it just didn't hold my interest as well, and certain aspects were off-putting.

Includes a very long "travelogue" of all the extraordinary places on the globe, organized by continent. Sometimes this seemed a little dry, but other times it was quite fun-- especially when it referenced books I know (whizzing past Garcia Marquez's Macondo, or mentioning a small town in New England with a deadly yearly lottery). Early on it has a long section on the other side of the story of Alice in Wonderland (what everyone else must have thought). When they get to the Arctic, they encounter a land of sentient polar bears who mention that they had been approached by the representatives of a soda company to participate in an advertising campaign. The travelogue affords an opportunity to tell a little more of Mina and Allan's story, as many of the places are described in Mina's journal. Descriptions of other parts are taken from writings of members of earlier incarnations of the League.

Title:The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume 2
Author:Alan Moore
Date published:2004
Genre:Graphic Novel
Series:League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Number of pages:228


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