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Monday, January 22, 2007

cover of Ultimate X-Men: Return of the King

Magneto's back. Charles Xavier is being held captive by the U.S. government. Cyclops is left for dead in the savage lands. The X-Men are in hiding on their own, trying to find Magneto's people and stop whatever disaster he's planning. Even though there was plenty of stuff going on that should have been exciting, for some reason this volume just didn't grab my attention like some of the other ones have.

This is the first time I've encountered Forge in the comic books (I've only seen him in the X-Men video games before, and he's mostly there for the mechanics of getting the necessary gear)-- he seems like a pretty interesting character, and I like how he's portrayed. I guess the idea of an ability like his-- to see into the workings of things, to be able to create any device that anyone can dream up-- is pretty appealing, and in some ways it seems a little more realistic than others, because there are people who have abilities like that, to a somewhat lesser degree.

Of course, the device that Forge builds in this case is one to augment Magneto's powers-- and he actually plans to flip the magnetic poles of the earth and kill all of humanity. Magneto's logic-- or lack thereof-- bothers me, probably more than it should (although maybe this is why the story didn't grab me). Sometimes Magneto seems to want to rule over humanity, other times he and the other mutants are afraid of them (as if the sheer numbers of regular humans means much against such powerful beings) and want to exterminate them. Maybe that kind of conflicted attitude makes sense for someone who considers himself "Homo Superior" and yet has some love for humans that he's not willing to admit. The thing that makes this second plan seem even crazier is that the mutants are coming out of the regular population, and near the end of this volume even the government officials are admitting that there will be more and more mutants coming out of the general population.

Fairly entertaining, great artwork as always-- but I hope this volume is setup for some better stories.

Title:Ultimate X-Men: Return of the King (Vol. 6)
Author:Mark Millar
Date published:2003
Genre:Graphic Novel
Series:Ultimate X-Men
Number of pages:192


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