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Thursday, January 11, 2007

I can't tell you the number of times that I've been asked if I like Tolkien when I say I like fantasy and sci-fi, and until now I've had to say "Ive never read his books." But now .. I can say "Yes. I do like the Lord of the Rings." And I'm sure I'll read them again, since I enjoyed them so much. The first of 3 books (or 2 of 6), beginning a massive battle between good and evil. There doesn't seem to be much hope, but those who are good (particularly the 9 in the fellowship) will do whatever it takes to get the ring to the only place it can be destroyed. At the beginning of the journey, few have any idea what will be asked of them .. but they are willing to go, and to wake up and continue each morning, which is sometimes all we can do.

Sam is a wonderful character. He is a hobbit, and often underestimated because of his stature and childlike appearance (along with the other hobbits). But Tolkien makes a point to say early on that hobbits are much sturdier and able to respond to challenges than one would suspect. Sam seems simple, but he definitely isn't! Along their journey, his companions discover just how much he has learned, mainly from Bilbo -- a large number of songs, sharing a desire for adventure, knowing how to be well prepared. Sam is sturdy and sure .. he knows that they are heading into danger but still finds energy to care for Frodo and to stay aware of their surroundings. In the midst of an impending war, and many creatures who long to do harm, Sam longs to get back to his gardens and to care for living plants. What a gift that is, to have someone who cares about life.

Title:The Fellowship of the Ring
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
Date published:1954
Genre: Fantasy
Series: The Lord of the Rings
Number of pages: 458
Notes: Finally read it!


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