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Thursday, August 24, 2006

cover of Ultimate X-Men: World Tour

Xavier takes the X-Men on a world tour to promote his new book on the x-factor mutant phenomenon and how humans don't need to be so afraid of mutants or treat them differently. The last two issues are a standalone Gambit story which was fun (but strangely, it doesn't seem to tie into the rest of the story at all).

The book promotion tour starts out fairly normally-- the X-Men are enjoying travelling, and they even still have assignments (as part of their education) to go out and do something good in the city where they currently are (an interesting idea). But, of course, things go wrong-- we find out that Xavier was once married and has a son with a powerful, dangerous power: his abilities burn up bodies too quickly, so he hops to new bodies when he needs to (killing many in the process). Xavier and the X-Men face off against Proteus (who is seeking revenge against the father who abandoned him), and many lives are lost to Proteus' reality-bending powers.

I continue to enjoy the artwork & engaging stories.

Title:Ultimate X-Men: World Tour (Volume 3)
Author:Mark Millar
Date published:2002
Genre:Graphic Novel
Series:Ultimate X-Men
Number of pages:192


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