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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

cover of Love Among the Walnuts

Enjoyed this fun young adult book, although probably won't read it again. Some simple concepts with easy to understand characters and illogical plot twists. But -- pretty funny with very distinct characters. Horatio, a millionare meets Mousey, an actress. They fall in love and decide to move to the country. They build their own house and basically stay there, going out as little as possible. They have a son, named Alexander, a butler Bentley, and his wife Flossie. Together they learn many things as they homeschool Sandy. Their main interaction with the outside world comes in the form of horatio's two brothers - Bart and Bernie, who desperately want to get their hands on his fortune. which leads to some dangerous and intriguing escapades.

Turns out that Sandy has to take over as four of their family (one hen included) are incapacitated due to the two brothers. The nurse who comes to take care of them, named Sunny, has a fitting disposition (like her name) and brings some color to the story -- since she knows only the outside world. They end up moving into the 'hospital' next door that is for mentally ill individuals. Turns out they aren't really ill, but were made to believe so about themselves by selfish family members. They figure out why it is in such bad disrepair and make more money and everything turns out happily in the end, as expected.

Sunny comes with a suitcase full of books about whales. She has decided that it's important to keep learning throughout life, so she plans to study a new subject every few months. Like that idea! There are many things that I'd love to study. And it seems managable to take a few months to study one as time is available. Not sure if I will actually do this, but like the idea of it very much.

Title:Love Among the Walnuts
Author: Jean Ferris
Date published:1998
Genre: Young Adult
Number of pages: 216
Notes: Recommended by Colleen


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