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Sunday, August 11, 2013

cover of Rainbows End

In a near future with wearable technology and pervasive technology, someone is developing mind-control tech and successfully field-tested without causing a stir, and almost by accident, Indo-European intelligence stumbles upon it, and figures out what it is. Because the labs are on U.S. soil, and might by backed by U.S. allies, they decide to investigate in a round-about fashion - a deniable third party, known only as "Rabbit" (aka "Mysterious Stranger" or "Mr Smart-Aleck"). This character may be a very smart hacker kid, may be a group or a coalition, or possibly even a playful Artificial Intelligence. Rabbit works to develop a network of affiliation to enter the biolabs and get the information. One person in that network is Robert Gu, a former Nobel poet laureate who is just coming out of the haze of Alzheimers - the latest technology is being put to use to cure his other deficiencies and illnesses - and Gu has to learn to adapt to a new technological world.

Vinge's vision of the future is so fascinating, and strangely seems believable and not that far off in so many ways. The kids at the local public school understand things backwards, in relation to current technology (e.g., poetry as evoking a kind of virtual reality). A very entertaining read, but also thought-provoking, and worth the re-read.

Title:Rainbows End
Author:Vernor Vinge
Date published:2006
Genre:Science Fiction
Number of pages:364
Notes:repeat reading, read an ebook


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