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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

cover of Kathy Reichs' 'Virals'

Tory (Victoria) Brennan is grand-niece to the famous Temperance Brennan. She lives on Morris Island with her father, who is a professor at Charlotte University and a researcher at nearby Loggerhead Island. Tory hangs out with the other kids who live on Morris - Ben, Hiram, and Shelton - and together they stumble into an adventure and discover a decades old unsolved murder. While wandering on Loggerhead Island, they run into a group of chimps, one of whom has found some soldier's dog tags, now heavily encrusted; they sneak into an unused lab to clean the tags, and while they are there they discover a secret experiment being done on the island wolf-dog pup Cooper. They Rescue him and nurse him back to health, but somehow they all get sick, even though parvovirus shouldn't be contagious to humans; they also start to experience weird side-effects somehow related to this cross-bred parvovirus variant with wolf DNA.

While they are getting through their illness, the group continues to investigate into the cold-case they have stumbled onto, which someone is actively working to cover up and prevent them from finding out anything. Eventually their search leads them to a rich, popular kid at school and his father, and an exciting, dramatic showdown.

This is a teen/young adult novel with adventure, mystery, and a bit of romance; there's a touch of science and also a little bit of the fantastic. There was a little too much tech slang-- it sounded off to my ears, although kids these days may well speak like this for all I know. I've been curious to read some of Kathy Reichs' books for a while, so when I saw this available as a library ebook, I grabbed it. I would still like to read a Temperance Brennan book at some point; I'm curious how those differ in tone and writing style from this.

Author:Kathy Reichs
Date published:2010
Genre:Young Adult / Science Fiction
Number of pages:480
Notes:read a library ebook


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