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Friday, November 27, 2009

cover of 'Dealing with Dragons'
Cimorene is a princess who gets bored with all the proper things she is supposed to learn (etiquette, sewing, and the like), and keeps finding more interesting things to do-- like fencing lessons, learning magic, or even how to cook-- but her more interesting lessons are always halted as soon as her parents find out. Despairing over what to do with her, they decide to marry her off to a prince in a neighboring kingdom. When Cimorene figures this out, she decides to run away-- and with a helpful tip from a talking frog, she finds some dragons and volunteers to be a dragon's princess-- which is quite "proper," since it happens to princesses all the time, and much more interesting for Cimorene.
Cimorene has her hands pretty full fending off would-be rescuers, cleaning and organizing the treasure and library of her dragon, Kazul, and making buckets of chocolate mousse for dragon dinners, but then she runs into a pair of devious wizards who are obviously up to something, and she even gets drawn into dragon politics.
Cimorene's world is a humorous, fairy-tale like place. At one point, in the Caves of Fire and Night, Cimorene meets a prince who has been turned into stone. It had been prophesied that he would render a great service to a King, so he was sent to hero school (great little side references to some of his classmatess: Jack of beanstalk fame, and an Art who pulls a sword out of a stone). The Stone Prince was eager to get his great service over and done with, and jumped at the chance to help a king by going to find the healing water that unfortunately turned him to stone-- as he says, it was completely obvious it should have been the quest of that King's youngest son. The Stone Prince does render his service to a King before the book ends, just not a human one as he had expected.
The story is a little predictable (Cimorene picks up a pebble in the Caves of Fire and Night that you just know will be crucially important later on), but is still quite entertaining and enjoyable.
Dealing with Dragons
Patricia C. Wrede
Date published:
Young Adult Fantasy
Enchanted Forest Chronicles
Number of pages:
repeat reading; loan from Catey


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