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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

cover of Y: The Last Man - One Small Step
Yorick, 355, and Dr. Mann meet up with a Russian agent who is trying to get somewhere in the Midwest U.S., because the three astronauts who have been on the Space Station since the plague hit are going to try to land-- and two of them are men. Yorick, 355, and Dr. Mann go to a “hot suite” and try to make arrangements to protect the men (so the plague doesn’t kill them as soon as they land), but the Israeli military force that’s been tracking Yorick gets in the way-- kidnaps Yorick, attempts to take out the landing capsule, possibly contributing to its explosive landing.
The last two sections follow a traveling drama troupe, and this gives the writers a chance to comment on a lot of their own story and their influences-- this all-female theater group comments on how in Shakespeare’s time only men performed, mention some of the influences of this story, and even make fun of stories that use Shakespearean names (like Yorick and Hero-- although those names aren’t actually mentioned).
The last section also has mysterious hints of a traitor, a female ninja trying to steal Ampersand, and mention of a "Dr. M" who might be the Dr. Mann who is working with Yorick and Agent 355, or might be a red herring and really is someone different...
Y: The Last Man - One Small Step (Vol. 3)
Brian K. Vaughan; Pia Guerra; José Marzán, Jr.
Date published:
Graphic Novel
Y: The Last Man
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