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Friday, April 03, 2009

Read this in a few months. All in Romanian! 40 days .. most less than 10 pages .. ending with a one sentence truth and question. Warren contends that we are here with 5 purposes in life .. worship, fellowship, discipleship, service and evangelism. Written by an American, challenging particular ways of thinking in America, it does a good job. Americans (as well as others) are trained culturally to seek pleasure, to seek the simple way out, to care for self first. But God did not create us to do such things! He created us for Himself, and has plans for our lives that can have long-term effects, not just make us happy today.

Warren writes in a style that is a bit inflammatory, making bold statements in order to provoke questions and thinking. Not everything that he writes is perfectly true (although, honestly, there are few authors or people who speak only truth), but overall many good points are made. Warren encourages the reader to be well-balanced, not simply to choose one thing and do it well. We are made to do each of the 5 things mentioned above, and while one or two will be much more natural, the Church is called to participate in all of them.

Title:Viata Condusa de Scopuri (The Purpose Driven Life)
Author: Rick Warren
Date published:2002
Genre: Spiritual
Number of pages: 332
Notes: repeat reading


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