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Thursday, March 19, 2009

A story of a young woman who chose to follow God to Eastern Europe, almost immediately after Communism fell. She moved to Romania for a year with 3 other teammates, living, studying, and evangelizing among college students. Because things were so unsettled, life was indeed very interesting. But God showed up in some astounding and beautiful ways. During that first year, she felt God asking her to stay longer, so she stayed another 4 years. After that, she spent another 5 years living in Hungary and traveling around a number of countries throughout Eastern Europe. because the countries in this part of the world had been so closed, when Communism fell, the hunger for God and truth was immense. Hearing the story of someone who was part of God's answer to that hunger and search is encouraging and refreshing.

Because I currently live in Romania, I understand some of what she speaks about .. the culture, the language, the history. Things have changed dramatically in the almost 20 years since Communism fell, so my time here has been less dramatic and exciting than hers was. And I think I'm glad for that! God is still working here .. perhaps a bit less dramatically, but still powerfully and wisely. I am glad for those who have gone before among these people and this culture, planting seeds and watering them. God's Kingdom is always a work in progress, and it's a joy to take part in any of it!

Title:We Wait You: Waiting on God in Eastern Europe
Author: Taryn Hutchison
Date published:2008
Genre: Autobiography
Number of pages: 219
Notes: Given by my parents


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