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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This is a book about five current missional groups: InnerChange, Servant Partners, Servants to Asia's Poor, Urban Neighbors of Hope, and Word Made Flesh. Bessenecker writes about the fact that historically, radical Christ-followers step away from the Church and to the the poor in order to call the Church back to the poor. These followers live simply, among those who are poor, making a difference in the small scale, suffering with and being present with their neighbors. He talks about how these people are radical not simply as an end, but in order to pursue Jesus. There are five different pursuits he focuses on: Jesus' descent into humanity, intimacy with Jesus, relational wealth, the Kingdom, and the edges.

Nice to read this book because I am part of one of the groups he discusses, and it's encouraging to know there are a number of us out there. And that this is not such a strange calling .. many throughout history have been similarly called to love those on the margins and to step down instead of reaching for those things the world values. Bessenecker makes these ideas accessible for the reader, without using fancy language or trying to prove his point strongly .. stories and examples from today are more than enough to do that.

Title:The New Friars
Author: Scott Bessenecker
Date published:2006
Genre: Spiritual, Nonfiction
Number of pages: 175
Notes: from t. lockie


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