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Thursday, May 15, 2008

This book has an introduction, a closing, and 9 chapters in between, with each of the main chapters being specifically about one pathway toward God. These are: naturalist, sensate, traditionalist, ascetic, activist, caregiver, enthusiast, contemplative, and intellectual. How freeing to be told that we don't all need to relate to God in the same way. So often in churches, we are told one or two specific methods .. told indirectly that 'good Christians' will have their quiet time reading the Bible every morning, or other similar mandates. For some people, these are good - but for others they limit and create discomfort. Because, you see, we are all created differently! And God is gracious to relate to us in a variety of ways, so that we can best come to know Him and His love.

Many of these pathways fit with a specific denomination or branch of Christianity, and I wonder how many of the divisions in the Church have come about because of difference in the way we were created by God. As humans, it seems that we are so quick to expect others to be like us. When someone becomes a Christian, it is easier to say 'follow my example' and 'do what i do' than to say 'follow the example of Jesus' - because Jesus seems unreachable and too perfect. But Thomas uses Jesus in most if not all the pathways, because He showed us how to live each one. God is much bigger than we believe Him to be - and the ways that He can reveal Himself are also much wider than we believe them to be. This book encouraged me to know the ways that I most naturally relate to God and make sure those are part of my normal life. Other pathways and methods will happen, and are good ways to stretch myself and learn new truths -- but if I'm not making sure my soul is fed in a way that it can easily receive food and communication from my Dad, I won't have the energy to try to hear God in unfamiliar ways.

Title:Sacred Pathways
Author: Gary Thomas
Date published:2000
Genre: spiritual
Number of pages: 224
Notes: borrowed from diane, recommended by diane & lori


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