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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wagner gathers insights and stories from Christians all over the globe, with varying but connecting experiences. Each chapter is written by a different person, with enjoyable and challenging stories. There are pratical insights, with certain steps that might be taken were a group of people desiring to undertake such spiritual warfare. Everyone makes sure that it is known spiritual warfare is not something to be done lightly, but to be prepared for as one would prepare for war.

In all the writings, there are a few themes which are agreed upon by everyone. There are spirits who have control over certain areas, and these areas might be as small as a house, or as large as a country. When large changes come over an area, these spirits have been somehow neutralized or challenged. Opinions varied on how these battles were to be fought, but they are certainly battles that the Lord fights and that He wins, not humans. The role that humans play is mostly in prayer - which, contrary to common practice, is actually Kingdom work and powerful. Especially when those praying have confessed and live God's power of sin, and are praying in unity with other believers. Prayer is often made stronger with fasting, and God's insight and wisdom can be more clearly heard.

Many Biblical examples are brought to play, such as Daniel fasting and praying until the archangel could come - some 3 weeks, and that his prayers somehow gave energy and power to the angels fighting to break through with God's message. Another example that is used is that of Jericho, where the Israelites might have felt useless but were living in obedience and power and purity - such that on the 7th day, in God's time, they had God's power to conquer. Another story tells of a YWAM group who went to a city to hand out tracts, but felt great opposition. After intense prayer, God revealed to them the spirit of pride had power of the city. In answer to this, they split up into groups and came in the opposite spirit - that of humility, praying on their knees in public places. In answer to this, people became interested and gladly received tracts and listened to the message of hope and truth they had to share. In spite of the encouragement and amazing stories in this book, it is still scary to step into something like this. I feel more prepared with information, and more sure than ever that only in God's strength and calling and power is it possible to stand up to evil.

Title:Territorial Spirits: Insights on Strategic-level Spiritual Warfare from 19 Christian leaders
Author: Edited by Peter Wagner
Date published:1991
Genre: Religious
Number of pages: 202
Notes: Recommended by Diane


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