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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

cover of Bitten

Elena is a werewolf-- the only female one, in a world where being a werewolf is only hereditary for males and the Pack is the ruling class of werewolves. She's been running away from her identity and trying to live a normal life when the Pack begins having trouble and summons her back to help deal with the "mutts" (non-Pack or "wild" werewolves) who've been causing them trouble. She's torn about being near Clay again-- her lover and the man who bit her without asking or telling what he was (because he loved her and this was the only way they could be together). Meanwhile, the mutts seem to have banded together and begun recruiting human serial killers to try to take down the Pack, and Elena begins losing friends and pack-brothers.

Elena's relationship with Clay bothered me a little bit. It seemed obvious that she loved him deeply and belonged with him, even if she was mad at him for what he did, but she is supposed to be oblivious to this fact-- until she fears that he is in danger and goes racing across the country (in wolf form) to save him. But even before she admits to herself that she loves him, she seems to be having amorous adventures with him almost every other chapter. The sensuality seems somewhat appropriate for the werewolves as Armstrong describes them, but it was more than I needed and didn't make sense to me for how the character supposedly felt.

This was a pretty fun read. Elena is a very interesting character, and I liked Armstrong's new take on werewolves. Might be worth reading more of this series sometime.

I've been mildly interested in this book for a while; when I read a decently good review of it on Bureau42, I finally decided to check it out.

Author:Kelley Armstrong
Date published:2001
Genre:Contemporary Fantasy
Series:Women of the Otherworld
Number of pages:342


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